VIEWER EMAIL — and my response

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Read this viewer email below ….and then my response:



How can you call yourself a journalist when you pal around

personally with the people you are covering? That is dishonest.

BTW, why don’t you use your influence with the Bushes’ and the rest of the NWO to get the Marine out of the Mexican prison?


Dear ** [I am deliberately not putting your name or email address on this to protect your privacy],

    First, I think you need to do your math.  President Bush 41 has not been President since 1992 (that is 22 years.)  He is a 90 year old man — he is not in government or politics so I don’t, in your words, cover him.  What he is in, is charities and lots of them.  He dedicates his life to help others.  I admire him for what he does for others. 

I want to help people, too.  So when I have the chance to help President Bush 41 with his charities, or anyone else, I jump at the chance.  I don’t play politics — I don’t care what political party someone is part of when it involves charities.  I have also participated with President Bill Clinton  and the Clinton Global Initiative.  

Here is a picture of President Clinton and President Bush 41 working together on hurricane relief years ago.  They raised a lot of money to help a lot of people who were really in trouble after a hurricane destroyed everything they had.  I love to see these two former Presidents working together and making a giant difference in others’ lives. 

Bush Clinton

The charity in Maine that I was helping President Bush 41 with provides housing for people who have family members in the hospital and who can’t afford hotels to be near them.  The project was named after an 18 year old boy who died from cancer and while he was dying, his mother slept in a car in the hospital parking lot. The charity President Bush 41 supports makes sure that others in Portland, Maine do not have to sleep in cars while their children are very sick in the hospital.

Finally, I think you are a jerk and not for insulting me – I don’t care about that – but for being the type of person who tries to discourage people from helping with name calling.  You should consider doing the opposite –  encourage others to help.  

Your email should be one that thanks President Bush 41 for pitching in to help…and instead your email shows you are sour and critical.  Your slap at me – calling me dishonest – was designed to discourage me from helping.  You lose.  I won’t stop.  I know I am so lucky that I have opportunities to help others.  

But, in addition to thinking you are a jerk, I feel bad for you.  You might want to pitch in and help some charity and you will see what fun it is to help.  You will enjoy it.  Best, Greta  

PS – if this viewer goes on GretaWire, he or she will meet all of you and I know so many of you bloggers have giant hearts and help others in so many ways…which is why I so admire each of you.