From a GretaWire blogger who “works at an IRS service center”


from a GretaWire blogger:

Nobodyuknow • an hour ago
I work at an IRS service center and knew from the start that it was not “low level staffers” who were responsible. We are told every key stroke and phone call is recorded and monitored especially among employees who access accounts. The job is more technical than subjective and you have to cite your references from the IRS manual to support your decisions. I am not buying the missing email bull at all! We back up everything. The majority of the employees are hard working honest Americans who are subject to the same tax laws as everyone else. We are not allowed the benefit of extensions or installment agreements and our returns are reviewed every year. Many like myself are outraged at what’s going on. I would have been in prison by now just for the willfull disclosure of taxpayer information to someone without the need to know. There are signs all over the center reminding us of how many employees were convicted and or fired last year for unauthorized access. Employees are reviewed monthly by having several cases and calls randomly pulled and reviewed. It is not an easy job and then you gotta deal with angry people too. I’ve been looking for a better job since I got there. I am a Navy veteran, a mom, a widow, and a conservative with three degrees and the economy is so trashed I can’t find a decent job. I feel like these arrogant jerks have made my resume radio active. Don’t judge all employees based on the actions of a few at the top. We dont have that much freedom. As far as the comment below about employees driving around and looking up the accounts of people with big houses and doing exams, I don’t believe it. They are feeding you a line of malarky. They would be escorted out the door by TIGTA within days if not hours. The entire service has annual certification on privacy and unauthorized access every year. I think Koskinen is too close to high level democrats, Lois Lerner is keeping hush because she knows she’s in big trouble and you have to prove to me that this doesnt go all the way to the White House.