How does anyone do this…5 hours?? Can you?


I was reading the NY Post this morning and saw this picture….and I thought, 5 hours?  really?       How does anyone do that?  Maybe I could do that if it were 3 days before Christmas and I had done no shopping and was in a panic…but I don’t think I could do it any other time of the year. At best, I can do 90 minutes and then I find myself some place drinking coffee, reading a newspaper. I have friends who can shop like for hours and claim it is therapeutic and social but I just don’t have the patience to wander through stores looking and buying for 5 hours. My friends say it is fun to wander through stores …even if they do not buy anything …and the walking is good exercise.

And you?

(My husband always teases me and says if I commit a crime, the Judge should sentence me to shopping because the thought of sitting in a cell, alone, no distractions, reading a book is not all that punitive to me.)