OTR at 7p email

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I am getting email like the email below.  People are very upset by the IRS – (of course I remove the name of the sender)

“I worked for the IRS Regional Counsel in the 70’s in Denver, CO. Under IRS regulations, IRS “targets” are considered guilty until they prove themselves innocent. I witnessed IRS thugs go in, confiscate homes, businesses, computers, bank accounts; a targeted person has nothing left to defend themselves. Just ask anyone who has been a victim (i.e., most recently, Gibson Guitars; Ms. Englebrecht) Congress is going about this all wrong. I think the IRS should have to live by their own rules ! Lois Lerner and everyone mentioned in her emails (including the parade of lying IRS commissioners) should be considered guilty until they prove their innocence. Lerner and others under suspicion should be divested of pay, their homes, cars, retirement, bank accounts, and prosecuted to the full extent of the IRS/FBI and DOJ. It is then those conspirators’ responsibility to prove their innocence. If innocent, I’ll bet missing emails will miraculously appear! (Turn-about is fair play; we should play by the IRS rules!) And then SHUT DOWN THE IRS!”