This is what is wrong with IRS Commissioner Koskinen – he thinks targeting is akin to a one time fender bender in the grocery parking lot


Below (in black text) is from and a Wolf Blitzer interview of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.  The Commissioner has it dead wrong.  It is more than a mistake when a citizen is ‘targeted’ but that’s all the IRS Commissioner thinks it is…a mistake.  Like…oops…sorry.  He is dead wrong.

Commissioner Koskinen has been a life long contributor to the Democratic Party and perhaps his viewpoint of the conduct, and his minimizing with the word ‘mistake,’ is tainted by partisan politics — that happens to anyone including to Republicans.  

Serial targeting is so far more serious than a ‘mistake.’  A one time backing into another car in the grocery store parking lot is a mistake — a series of targeting is deliberate.

“The improper criteria used to highlight organizations for investigation just by their name was a mistake,” Koskinen said.

A mistake?  That’s it?  Just a mistake? What is he drinking? Patterns are not accidents.

The American people deserve a full and fair investigation and even a Special Prosecutors to get all the facts — whatever they may be.  What we don’t need is the President trying to call the dog off the scent by constantly demeaning the scandal….or the victims of it…by calling it phony.   And we don’t need a Commissioner who doesn’t get the seriousness of this.