SHE DID IT AGAIN! ALREADY! 2 DAYS LATER! DOESN’T ANYTHING STOP HER? This is why I love Mrs. Barbara Bush! Click to read



On Tuesday I was with Mrs. Bush in Maine and she was driving around in a golf cart at a fundraiser in Kennebunkport for Gary’s House (a home in Portaland where people can stay while their relatives are in the hospital.)   She was at the event in order to help raise money for a good cause. It was a long day but a good day because so much was accomplished.

And now this!  She did it again! I just read an article (excerpt below) that two days later Mrs. Bush is doing MORE CHARITY work! She never stops!

Barbara Bush school reading program announced

“…The first lady [Mrs. Barbara Bush] and her daughter, were joined at The Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport Thursday by the foundation’s President Liza McFadden in announcing the Foundation’s launch of Teen Trendsetter’s, a youth-driven reading mentoring initiative that pairs teen volunteers with elementary-aged students, who are, on average, six months behind in reading…”  Click here.

Now I feel real lazy. Two days later she is back at it!  Helping people!

  But…even though I feel real lazy, and realize I need to step up my game, I am in great awe of Mrs. Bush. She inspires us all to do more…and does so by example.

(Note in the pic is Mrs. Bush’s Gary’s House event designated driver — her grandson George P’s wife Amanda Bush.)