SIX MONTHS MORE???? Won’t President Obama at least try to help accelerate the judicial process for Sgt. Tahmooressi? (or at least ANSWER the petition on since more than 100k signed it and he promises an answer with 100k signatures!)

Tahmorressi, marine


“….Jill Tahmooressi [Mother of Sgt Tahmooressi] said Sunday her son’s new Mexican attorney has advised him that the legal process could take six months. Still, she and her son have confidence in the attorney, she said.


NOTE: I am not telling President Obama to step all over Mexico and tell them what to do.  I am asking that he ask a favor – to accelerate their judicial process so that he can have a fair hearing now.  Anyone looking at the case will see it was an accidental turn into Mexico and he lacked the intent to violate the laws of Mexico.