AS ALWAYS… THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO THE VIEWERS OF ON THE RECORD at 7pm! WE CONTINUE TO BE #1 at 7pm ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU MAKE US #1 (just as you did for 11 1/2 years at 10pm)

#1, One

Once a month I need to stop everything I am doing and make sure that I THANK YOU for continuing to make us #1 at 7pm.  I really appreciate your loyalty.   We have the numbers for the month of June and we remain #1 at 7pm — and have been #1 since we launched our new hour back in October. 

 If you don’t have viewers – THAT IS YOU – you don’t remain #1….so I know who gets the credit: YOU!

I never for one second forget that I work for you….and I hope I don’t disappoint you. From time to time you and I may disagree or I may make a dumb mistake but over all I hope I do a good job for you.  

I also love that so many of you interact here on GretaWire.  I think August is our 11th anniversary of GretaWire.   Can you believe it? 11 years for a blog?  (and to think I have been at Fox News Channel for 12 1/2!)