One of the worst things politicians can do to our country …. and they are doing it to us big time! click to find out

Make no decisions.

Yes, I know many of you think that it is better that politicians do nothing since they often do harm in your mind when they act …but the fact is that we can live WITH decisions (whatever they are)  but no decision, a stall stops things, e.g. our economy…which stops jobs ..which hurts Americans.  We can’t move on when we are in a stall.  No one can plan with a stall — it is just wait.  Waiting is a big drag on an economy.

Examples of stalls?

When IRS did not make decisions on whether to grant or deny tax exempt status to Tea Party groups.  With a decision, even an adverse one, the groups could move on.  They could appeal to the next step.  A no decision, a stall….stopped them.

Keystone Pipeline is another example.  All the environmental studies are finished and have been for some time, but President Obama will not decide yes or no — thus and puts nation in a stall.  He won’t decide for one reason – because it is a political year and he doesn’t not want to make a decision that may impact his party.  As a consequence, a stall is put on the country.  The country can live with, work with, a decision, whatever it is  — but no decision is very painful.

Other examples are immigration reform and reform of the IRS tax code.  The House and the Senate won’t decide anything between now and November because they don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize themselves or their party.  As a consequence, the nation lingers in this horrible situation of being paralyzed and unable to work on solutions.  What do we do with the children who have just crossed the border?  what about more?  It is hard to make wise decisions when no one knows what the immigration policy of this country is going to be — and regardless of your view on immigration (yes or no), you have to admit, we need a clear direction from our politicians so we can adjust to it.

It is the stall that is more painful to our country than decisions.   Politicians should be working for us….and there are several months between now and November when they could get something done.