TRICKY TRICKY! Look what President Obama is sticking in his 3.7Billion request! (pretty shrewd!)


I was reading about President Obama’s request for 3.7Billion to address some of the problems at the border and noted this:

“….As part of the emergency spending request, about $625 million would go to fight wildfires in Western states.  CLICK HERE

Why put wildfires in this?  What does this have to do with immigration? So that no Republican Senator or Member of the House can complain about the 3.7Billion and vote against it.  If he or she does, you can be sure the political ad come November will be “….voted AGAINST funds to help fight wildfires here at home…”

These should be two separate bills ..wildfires…and immigration…and then vote on each.

By the way, if the White House is going to load up the immigration emergency funding bill with wildfires….how about sticking in $25.00 for long distance calls from the White House to the President of Mexico to help get our marine out of prison by urging fast track of the judicial process?  And if there is left over phone money, maybe Secretary of State John Kerry could call, too?