This is what is weird about President Obama and the current immigration crisis – click to read


President Obama wants 3.7 billion to essentially help deport the now 52,000 unaccompanied miners….and that number entering is growing.  The predicted numbers is staggering.   So President Obama is trying to throw them out of the USA after they are in.

Yet… the real solution for those future unaccompanied, and the more humane solution (confining them to essentially refugee camps and for very long periods in the USA is horrible!), is to prevent them from entering the USA.  If the President is going to throw them out, why first essentially imprison them and make their lives uncertain for a long period of time ?

But, what is weird, is that he resists securing the border which would prevent them from entering.  



Update: look at this request to the President — from someone the White House contacted: 

“….At Calvary Baptist Church, the Rev. Chad Mason ministers to both the those who recently crossed illegally and Border Patrol agents. 

This week, he said White House staff reached out to him for information ahead of the president’s visit. Mason told them what he could, but he wishes the president would come see conditions first hand….”

[Above from LA Times, click here to read entire story]