IRS LOIS LERNER’s DECEIT – click to read – why did she plant a question and then why did she fail to tell the reporters?

Lois Lerner March 2014

Below is from USA Today, May 18, 2013 and reporter is Gregory Korte.  My comments are in red text:

“Roady [the lawyer Lerner had ask to ask the planted question at the ABA meeting] released this written statement late Friday explaining her role:


“On May 9, I received a call from Lois Lerner, who told me that she wanted to address an issue after her prepared remarks at the ABA Tax Section’s Exempt Organizations Committee Meeting, and asked if I would pose a question to her after her remarks. I agreed to do so, and she then gave me the question that I asked at the meeting the next day. We had no discussion thereafter on the topic of the question, nor had we spoken about any of this before I received her call. She did not tell me, and I did not know, how she would answer the question.”


And so that’s how it happened. Within minutes, the Associated Press reported [Lerner’s] remarks with a one-line news alert: “WASHINGTON (AP) — IRS apologizes for inappropriately targeting conservative political groups in 2012 election.


In a conference call with reporters later that day, Lerner emphasized that her apology came in response to a question. [Lerner neglects to say she planted the question and tries to deflect the reporters by saying  she simply answered a question posed to her. The manner in which Lerner answered the reporters was deceitful in that it was done deliberately to try to  throw the media off.]


“I was asked a question at the ABA meeting [she fails to say she planted the question] to give a status update of things that have been in the press” about the agency’s treatment of Tea Party groups, she said. Asked why the IRS chose to make an apology that day, she said, “Someone asked me a question today, so I answered it.”   [Someone just happened to ask the question? Ah…not exactly….this was planted by Lerner…part of her scheme….and she was dishonest to the reporters in saying this.  I believe she knew she was doing wrong with the targeting, she knew that the IG report would be out in a week showing the targeting…and Lerner with this planted question, her scheme,  was trying to get out in front of the IG report to act like ‘oh…the targeting was just a mistake…..I apologize before the report even came out…why would I have apologized if I were crooked?  And my answer?  she was digging her own grave because she was trying to cover up what happened.]