Key Democrats speak out about Hobby Lobby decision – click to read


Very rough notes from Senate Democrats’ presser on Hobby Lobby decision in Supreme Court from FNC Kara Rowlands:



Hobby Lobby decision – wrong and misguided. Women should never have to ask their bosses for permission slips…

Men and women who signed up to work at hobby lobby chose to work for a craft store, not a religious organization


Not just about women and co travel too. – could result in discrimination against minorities, denial of vaccines


Women’s health are is not your bosses business



Last year 5 male justices have their blessing to corporations to deny legally guaranteed benefits

Contraception has always been between a women her partner her doctor and her faith


It is not just women who want congress to act


I’m hopeful that republicans can put science above politics and join us

The only controversy about birth control is thing fact it is 2014 and we are still fighting for basic health services




It’s been my obligation to interrogate SCOTUS nominees – two of whom involved in this decision


Hobby Lobby violates principles laid out in Griswold v Connecticut

You are entitled to your own religious beliefs but not entitled to impose them on another person – which is what this court has sanctioned


The more unplanned pregnancies means more abortions – those who want to reduce abortions need to understand family planning is key to that goal



As the author of Religious Freedom Restoration Act I can say the Supreme Court got the Hobby lobby decision dead wrong


We wouldn’t tell the owners of hobby lobby to change their religion or disobey their belief — but no one made them open a corporation


Was a cavalier decision to allow corporations religious rights

If they will allow this, What prevents them from going beyond closely held corporations?


Bill is a reasonable and measured response to a devastating court decision

Would apply to businesses not churches


Put the bill on the floor next week



ESPN has ten best and worst plays every week –

This decision would be at the top – horrible decision, certainly the worst in the last 25 years

I am so disappointed in Justice Roberts


Alito told us who he was, Roberts misdirected us, it’s disappointing




Q Reverse 2008 trafficking law?

A REID 12:28 if comprehensive immigration passed we wouldn’t have this issue…Mikulski is holding a hearing this afternoon


My preference to pass a standalone bill – it’s emergency spending

These children should be treated humanely as possible

People making a lot of excuses…

Give the administration this money to go after bad guys


Q Intel kicked out of Germany?

A UDALL 12:30 I am concerned we are sending the wrong message to a close ally


Q Pelosi view?

A REID Lets see what the House does what Mikulski does


Q Did Alito and Roberts testify untruthfully?

A DIRBIN 12:31 they were very careful in their answers – they said they stood by the right to privacy laid out in Griswold


Q LGBT community impact?

A REID 12:32 it speaks volumes…this decision has so many direct adverse – it’s hurting so many different people we can’t even see the tip of the iceberg


Q Spying by CIA on Senate? DOJ said it won’t investigate?

A REID 12:33 I think sergeant at arma did a good job I disagree I think what the CiA did was wrong

UDALL I believe it was wrong and possibly unconstitutional – I don’t think we should let this drop until we have some resolution


Q How much politics involved in the choice of what you are putting on the floor right now? Hagan, Udall, Walsh sponsors…

Q REID 12:35 GOP can’t even come up with a list of amendments

On hobby lobby it would be political malpractice if we didn’t act


Sen Udall was the first senator who called me and said let’s work on a legislative fix to this that’s why we are working on it together


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