Why won’t Washington tax lawyer Celia Roady of Morgan, Lewis & Brockius talk to us, tell us in detail what IRS Lois Lerner asked her to do? and the surrounding facts?

Lois Lerner

What’s the big secret?  Why won’t people just talk and lay out the facts?  What are they afraid of?   

I asked one of my producers to contact Washington DC lawyer Celia Roady — who is the one Lois Lerner used to plant the question —  to do an interview.  

If you recall, Lois Lerner was speaking at a ABA conference in May of 2013 and before the conference she called  a lawyer, Celia Roady, and asked her to ask a specific question of Lerner (which Roady did and that led to Lerner trying to get ahead of the IG report that came out about a week later about the IRS targeting of conservative groups.)

I wanted to talk to Roady to find out why Lois Lerner called her.  That seems like a good question if you are investigating or reporting on the IRS scandal 

What is their relationship? And why did she agree to  ask Lerner the question?  Did she ask Lerner why Lerner wanted the question asked?  (I would have.)  Had this ever happened before?  Was she suspicious she was being set up by Lerner?  And I have other questions…

I don’t have any agenda…just trying to get the facts and better understand what happened.  

Now, of course, because Roady doesn’t want to talk (see below) I am suspicious.  Why won’t she?  What’s the big deal?

Yes, DC is a cozy place and I know lawyers who do tax law need a good relationship with the IRS — but just how close, if at all, are Lerner and Roady?  Lerner picked her…why?   There were lots of lawyers at the ABA conference.  

See below the denial of our request from a PR person at a law firm.   (I confess, I do like the phrase in the email below “Please stay in touch.”  Now you know that is phony.  This guy does not want my producer to “stay in touch.”)  

As an aside, we do appreciate the response. That was very courteous and the invitation still stands.

Hi Kara,


Celia shared your request – thank you for reaching out. While Celia and we sincerely appreciate your interest, we must respectfully decline the opportunity. Please stay in touch.






Elliott J. Frieder

Director, Public Relations and Communications

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP