What you do not know about the two “no nonsense by the book” Federal Judges and Attorney General Eric Holder – click to read


As you know, in my former life, I was a criminal defense lawyer in Washington, DC where I tried lots of cases.  Hence….I will tell you something you might not know…and that is sort of interesting.

The 3 men whose names you hear often in connection with the IRS scandal investigation….

are Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan


and Federal Judge Reggie Walton


and Attorney General Eric Holder


The two Federal Judges have issued tough orders to the IRS (they are fearless by the book type judges.)  Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the IRS.  And note: the DOJ, of which Eric Holder is the boss, represents the IRS in its litigation before these two judges.

Here is what you probably don’t know — all 3 men were Judges together on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia (before their appointments to the Federal Bench and US A/G.)

Hence….they know each other…and know each other well.

So it is with great interest I see that the 2 Federal Judges essentially taking on a former colleague, Eric Holder.  I know the judges — and these are very straight, by the book judges.  They will not pull punches.  They will read the law, examine the facts and apply their best judgment.