Would you not think this (click to read) would make US Attorney General Eric Holder a tad bit suspicious?


I lifted the info below from House Ways and Means committee.  It certainly (with other facts) raises a red flag to dig deeper, to investigate aggressively — yet Attorney General Eric Holder seems to be dragging his feet.  The job of the Attorney General is to enforce the laws,  make sure laws are not broken, investigate when there is a suspicion there are broken laws and prosecute if indeed laws are broken.

What is so perplexing to me is that when he was on the Superior Court bench in the early 90’s, I thought he was a good, fair judge who did his work.  Now I can’t help but think he is doing a bad job for the nation.  The American taxpayer should have confidence that the IRS is fair — and Holder is just adding to the lack of confidence by the lack of aggressive investigation. Just think…if he did a full and fair investigation, and it turns out that Lerner and others are not dirty, they have a giant “I told you so.”  And if it turns out that Lerner and others are crooked, and that Holder exposed it, he can’t take a bow as someone who cleaned up the IRS.  

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