Egypt, our ally, inviting MASS KILLER Sudan’s Evil President Bashir to visit Egypt!


Sudan’s President Bashir is under indictment at the ICC for GENOCIDE (killing thousands!) yet Egypt invites him to visit!  He should be arrested the second he steps on the soil of Egypt but Egypt won’t do the right thing.  But…Egypt is not alone, he was not arrested when he visited Chad or Qatar, other countries.  If you kill one in this world, you get arrested…and if you kill thousands?  The world community looks the other way.  Why don’t the thousands he killed matter? They do to me…(by the way, the GENOCIDE indictment refers to the killings in Darfur region of Sudan…..he has been busy bombing the innocents and burning the villages and fields of the Nuba Mountain region, too.  I saw it..with my own eyes and took pics so you have, too….I saw the bombers overheard, the craters from huge bombs, burned down villages, maimed Nuba people and thousands of refugees starving to death and hiding from Bashir.)

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