Is Senator Charles Schumer the biggest political rat of the day? Click to read

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If this is true (below) — that DEMOCRATIC New York Senator Charles Schumer helped the REPUBLICAN candidate for Senate against DEMOCRATIC 2000 New York Senatorial candidate Hillary Clinton, he is the political rat of the day! 

What was he worried about, that she would upstate him in New York? So much for party loyalty, right?

And adding to the weirdness of this is that Senator Schumer already (last November) jumped out and endorsed Clinton for President in 2016!  Political opportunist?  or guilty conscience? or what? 

“…One person described as not keen on the idea of Clinton joining the Senate is Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), who was so fearful of being up-staged he coached Rep. Rick Lazio (R-LI), Clinton’s eventual Republican opponent, on his 2000 campaign, according to Lazio.

“I thought he was generally . . . he was supportive,” Lazio said of Schumer. “Quite helpful to me behind the scenes and encouraging.” [From New York Post, click here]


 And by the way, I think I will make this a new feature on GretaWire: political rat of the day.  What do you think?