Democrats want to know the price tag – click to read


from FNC’s Chad Pergram:

Democrats demand to know cost of Obama lawsuit before considering resolution

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


Fox has obtained a letter sent by Democrats on the House Rules Committee to Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) about the pending lawsuit the House intends to file against President Obama.


In the letter, Democrats ask two questions of Sessions before next week’s “markup” session where they actually prepar the measure for the floor:


1) Wha is the anticipated cost of the lawsuit against the President?

2) Which accounts will be cut in order to pay for the lawsuit against the President?


Democrats point out the it’s drafted now, puts “no limit” on the funds the Speaker may direct to sue the president. They also note that “the American public only learned, after the fact, that the House had wasted $2.3 million on its misguided intervention to launch another investigation of the Benghazi matter.”


In addition, Democrats say they want to know the cost “before we vote on the resolution authorizing.”