House Republicans’ test — will they spend, spend, spend?


Yes, House Republicans have a chance to show they REALLY CARE about YOUR MONEY.  The law suit they intend to file — addressing the issue whether President Obama is abusing power — should not cost more than $25,000. I read that the cost estimate is about a million dollars. That is insane.

I am a lawyer. I know how much time this lawsuit takes.

This law suit raises an important issue – but is not complicated or time consuming. There will be no witnesses, no discovery and not a trial. It requires the filing of a civil complaint (and filing fee of $400), and there will be an answer by the Obama Administration. Next will be a motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment…followed by a response, argument before a judge and the judge will write a decision. The loser will probably appeal to the US Court of Appeals and no more research needs to be done (it was done for motion to dismiss or motion for summary judgment.) The Appeals brief merely needs to be put in the right form for the Court of Appeals. There may or may not be an argument before the US Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals will decide and then the loser of the Appeal may or may not petition for review in the US Supreme Court (and that means essentially changing the cover page of the brief from the Appeals Court brief to say US Supreme Court on the cover.) This is not a big deal. Lawyers do research and prepare briefs all the time.


If House Republicans go out to some big law firm, they can expect a giant bill — but there are many, many young, SMART and aggressive lawyers who would jump at the chance to be part of a high profile case and who can do a great job…and won’t charge a lot of money.

So this is a test….if Republicans think Democrats are the big spenders, they need to prove now that they are not.

PS What about all the lawyers on staff on Capitol Hill? They can do it! Use them! And if ethics laws permit, how about the thousands of lawyers who would to it pro bono?