KT McFarland breaks down 3 possible scenarios in the MH17 crah & their implications for Russia & Ukraine


Malaysia Airlines jet shot down: Three possible scenarios and their implications for Russia and Ukraine

By KT McFarland, FoxNews.com

Thursday, somebody brought down a  Malaysia Airlines passenger plane en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over the Ukraine/Russian border.  We know it was shot down by a sophisticated surface-to-air missile, but we still don’t know whose finger was on the trigger.

We no doubt will know shortly, since that border is one of the most heavily monitored places on the planet.

Satellite technology will see the heat signature of a missile destroying the plane, and will see from where that missile was launched. Additionally, the plane’s black boxes, fuselage  and debris will give us more information. If the Russians get to the crash sites first and doctor the evidence, we will know that, too.

So let’s break down who might have shot it down and why. As they say in detective work, we’re looking for somebody with motive and opportunity.

The Ukrainian government had the opportunity but not the motive. Ukraine has the missile system that could take down the Malaysian aircraft flying at high altitude, because the Russians gave it to them years ago. But Ukraine wants western economic and military help in their struggles against Russia and Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine.  Attacking a civilian airliner is would guarantee they don’t get it.

Pro-Russian rebel separatists in Eastern Ukraine may have the opportunity and perhaps the motive. Questions remain, but it seems the Russians have given rebel separatists a missile system capable of shooting down the plane. In the last several days they’ve shot down two Ukrainian military aircraft, so perhaps they’ve gotten a little trigger-happy.

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