Below is an email fundraiser that just popped into my email inbox from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.  While fundraiser notes from both parties are never impressive examples of leadership – the one below from Leader Pelosi is extreme…trying to pour gasoline on a fire.  The nation does not need that.  I have no gripe with passionate politics and strong arguments — but pouring gasoline on a fire (calling a Constitutional disagreement an attack) is a disservice to the nation.

The question about the extent of presidential power, whether it be this President or some future President, is an important one and it is not definitely resolved.  It is wise in a democracy to go to another branch of government – the Judiciary – and ask that it peacefully decide it, consistent with the Constitution, and inform the American people of the limits and extent of Presidential power.  

I don’t know if a Court will get involved in this (the Speaker Boehner proposed law suit.)  And if the Court does get involved, and sees it within its jurisdiction and authority, I have no idea whether Speaker Boehner’s position will prevail or not  but Leader Pelosi is off the charts with the description “attack on the President.”   She is just trying to stir up trouble, not good debate. 

I hate to keep emailing you, but this is so urgent that I really don’t have a choice:


President Obama is under attack and we are in desperate need of your grassroots support.


As of the House GOP hearing this week, Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama is going full speed ahead. It’s critical that we respond now with an outpouring of grassroots power. Otherwise we might as well throw in the towel for the remainder of his presidency.


Look, we are only 2,105 away from hitting 200,000 donations since Boehner announced his lawsuit. If we don’t have a massive flood of support today to get us there: BOEHNER WINS.


We have to hit this goal to show Boehner what a horrible mistake he made when he decided to waste YOUR tax payer money on suing the President. Will you chip in $5 or more right now to get us over the top?




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