Where did Glenn Beck come up with this? This is nutty! Has he not heard? Flight 17 went down with 298 dead…and Israel started a ground offensive (and until those two breaking news stories, we were covering the border almost non stop in the last week and Senator Cruz is a frequent guest on Fox) And despite the foregoing, Glenn makes this goofy statement about Fox News….click and read …I think I know the REAL reason behind his statement))

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You might want to read this article about Glenn Beck on Mediate.com (see link below.) He is going to the border with Senator Ted Cruz.

Glenn is really off the charts on this accusation about us not covering the border and …one other thing, there is no Fox ‘pick’ for President.   No one has sent me a memo and I have been here 12 1/2 years. 

This may be Glenn’s mind having some fun with itself.  (You might want to ask him if he ever got a memo when he was here at Fox.) 

Frankly, I think the real reason behind  Glenn Beck’s slap at Fox is because we are not following HIM at the border.  

As an aside….Glenn IS right…the border issue is very important.  It is a humanitarian, crisis, too.    It is very difficult for the media to report on 3 breaking news crises at once: Israel, Flight 17 and the border.  But he is wrong to suggest that we have not paid lots and lots of attention to the border in recent days or that our coverage is in any way related to Senator Cruz.

CLICK HERE to read the story about Glenn Beck