206,000 people in just the Darfur region of Sudan with NO ACCESS to healthcare because of that CRUEL PRESIDENT BASHIR — HE THREW OUT THE RED CROSS!!! And meanwhile, some countries (including Germany) talk to him! I don’t know what the USA is doing or not doing vis-a-vis Bashir but time for him to answer to that indictment for genocide! (mass murder!)


The stories about this vicious President Bashir are endless…..I am amazed he can come up with so many different ways to be cruel.


‘NGO expulsions harm Darfur healthcare’: Health Sector Sudan


About 206,000 people have no access to healthcare services in Darfur, owing to the suspension of the International Committee of the Red Cross and other NGOs, the Health Sector in Sudan stated. The health delivery systems in Darfur are “severely overstretched” following the upsurge in newly internally displaced people in the camps. It further reported that the quality of the healthcare in Darfur is “suffering”, owing to a decrease in partners and resources.


The Sudanese government suspended the Red Cross (ICRC) on 1 February this year, following technical issues about its activities in Sudan. This disrupted the support provided to two health centres in South Darfur -Sani Deleiba and Yara- and five centres in Central Darfur. This affected “about 138,000 people”, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) quotes the Health Sector in its newest weekly bulletin.


Also farmers in Central Darfur were affected, as the Red Cross did not assist in the distribution of seeds any more. It had provided nearly 50 percent  CLICK HERE