Bashir, Sudan, South Sudan, Kiera Knightly

You all know about President Bashir of Sudan — so utterly cruel and yet the world looks the other way.    Go figure…

Bashir is one of the reasons for a humanitarian crisis not just in his country of Sudan, but also in South Sudan (refugees fleeing for their lives from his country into South Sudan.)  You have seen the pictures (proof!) I have taken in Sudan of President Bashir’s ugly handiwork there (search Bashir on GretaWire and you will see my pics of children starving to death, eating bugs and dirt…and their families living in caves to hide from Bashir’s bombers overhead…and his armies raping their women…and burning their farmland.)  I do not know why the world simply looks the other way…and some countries going even further, inviting this horrible man to their countries (Egypt, Chad for example) or worse contemplating doing business with him (Germany!)

 But…I digress….this posting is to thank Keira Knightly for visiting South Sudan…and putting a giant spotlight with her stardom on this crisis.   She helps by doing this.  After her visit, and what she saw, she writes “the brutality, the never-ending death…”  Yes, it is never ending because the world looks the other way.  Yes, it so awful.  She is right.  If you have been there, and seen it, you don’t forget it.

Click on the link below to go to her journal telling the horrors she saw:


Here is a pic (taken by Samaritan’s Purse when I traveled to the region with Reverend Franklin Graham) of me talking to a family in a cave.  It breaks my heart that people have to live this way just because of one very, very, very bad and cruel man.

Sudan, Bashir, cave