optics? gets off Marine One with a to-go cup of coffee, tea? (would look better to get off with a briefing book!)

This may seem like a small, and even petty point, but getting off with a to go cup?  That optic is so casual at a time I want our President to look consumed with business.  I am sure he worked on Air Force One, was briefed on Marine One….but it still might be wise to convey a different message that he does.  Am I wrong? 

Subject: WH travel pool report #4 – arrival


Obama emerged from Marine One at 11:13, with a to-go cup of abeverage: coffee/tea?

He saluted Marines and was greeted w a handshake from Congressman Mike

Honda, whom Obama has endorsed for the Nov general election

Helos landed at 11 am on school grounds

We are now in vans en route to fundraiser

After leaving four seasons, we motorcaded past Ferry Building, under

shadow of Coit Tower, we loaded into helos for ride at 10:45 am near

the Golden Gate Bridge, prompting a round of photos by traveling pool.

Helos rounded the city, past Alcatraz, en route to event


Lesley Clark

White House Correspondent

McClatchy Newspapers