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[Note from me: ISIS is cruel — doing horrible things to Christians and others]


Known for kidnapping, public stonings, lashings and executions, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is now expanding into tourism, taking militants on honeymoon and civilians to visit other parts of its “caliphate”.


Running twice-weekly tours from Syria’s Raqa to Iraq’s Anbar, ISIS buses fly the group’s black flag and play militant songs throughout the journey.


One of the first clients was Chechen militant Abu Abdel Rahman al-Shishani, aged 26, who took his new Syrian wife on honeymoon, according to activist Hadi Salameh.


“Just after they got married, he took her to Anbar. These militants are very romantic,” Salameh joked.


But the two weren’t able to sit together, because “women sit in the back, and men at the front. The bus driver plays militant songs all through the ride, and the ISIS black flag flies over the bus.”


ISIS proclaimed a “caliphate” last month click here