You are not doing your job about this humanitarian crisis to simply vote and pass a bill….and then leave on vacation….pointing the finger at Senator Harry Reid and saying ‘it is his fault.’  There is more to the job — like getting results.  Figure it out. You wanted the job? You got it…so now get results.  Figure out a solution, figure out how to get it passed and signed by the President.  That’s the job.  And to those who say, “it is too hard, that the opposing party is putting up barricades” — well then step aside, let’s find some who can get results.  

I gave you my suggestion and that is cancel your vacation, stay in session, prove to America you care more about a crisis in our country and suffering than your own vacation or campaigning and maybe shame the Senate in to doing the same.  Republicans, as they keep the House open and stay here (really stay here, not just some pro forma session) could even run ads about who is trying to get the job done and who is sunning himself or kissing babies hoping to get votes in the midterm elections.  I bet that would resonate with the American people.  

PS – do I need to remind anyone that this current crisis is because our leaders have failed to do their jobs in the past?