Thank you to Mark Tapscott of The Washington Examiner for talking (writing) about this issue — this is a critical issue about a humanitarian crisis on our border and our leaders doing what?! (And how does Senate Majority Leader Reid keep his job as leader of the Democrats?)

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I don’t get it — they (House,Senate and President) all say it is a humanitarian crisis (suffering) and then take their vacations — even though it is THEIR JOBS to handle it! (And one other thing….they are part of the reason for this crisis!) If our leaders won’t do the right thing – and this is their job – than we need to put pressure on them to do so.  They asked for our votes…and they asked for the jobs.  They helped create this crisis and now they are leaving town without fixing it — that’s just not right.  People are suffering. We need this resolved now, not later.  [And why the question about Senate Majority Leader Reid?  he doesn’t lead his Chamber and he stops votes so nothing has a chance of being resolved.  You can’t resolve a crisis if there is no leadership and there are no votes.  A vote at least moves the ball forward.   Reid thus has a pocket veto on any effort to solve this suffering on our border. ]

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Congress is about to leave the nation’s capital for its traditional August recess. Since it’s an election year, the month back home is especially important to members of the House of Representatives.


Re-election campaigns — and thus congressional careers — can be won or lost in August, so canceling the 30-day respite from doing the nation’s public business is the last thing congressmen in either party want to do.


But, with thousands of illegal immigrants, including many unaccompanied minors, flooding the border in Texas, millions of Americans still unable to find jobs, the Middle East erupting, Iraq falling apart, Russia firing artillery shells into Ukraine, and President Obama issuing a blizzard of arguably unconstitutional executive orders, maybe leaving town for a month is the last thing Congress should do in 2014.


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Cancel the recess!


Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren got into a heated discussion Thursday with Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., that punctured the chief House Republican excuse for not canceling the recess.


“I’ve got a list. Thirty House members say its a crisis. Fourteen senators say it’s a crisis, but you’re all going away next week,” Susteren said.


A clearly unnerved Ileana Ros-Lehtinen first tried to say the problem can’t be solved by “throwing money at it,” then blamed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for blocking Republican bills.


Here’s an idea — do your job!


Van Susteren was having none of it, however, saying, “here’s a suggestion. I love protests. Why don’t all of your members in the House, Democrats and Republicans, stay in Washington next week and insist that it be resolved … Make a statement to the American people that you actually give a damn.”


More hemming and hawing by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen sparked a clearly exasperated Van Susteren to point out that the original rationale for the recess was the lack of air conditioning, which made Washington especially miserable in August.


“Greta, we just can’t make Harry Reid do it, he will not do it, he’s wanting to throw money at the problem,” Illeana-Ros-Lehtinen answered.


We’re here. Where’s Harry?


“I don’t buy it. Stay here. Occupy your offices, all of the House until it gets done,” exclaimed Van Susteren. “Not in a million years would I turn my back on a humanitarian crisis, not in a million years.”


Is Van Susteren right? Could House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican majority in one bold action force Reid to stop blocking congressional action on the border crisis?


“We’re here. Where’s Harry?” would also force journalists to stop falsely portraying Washington gridlock as caused by House GOP intransigence. It might even become THE issue when voters go to the polls in November.