From FNC Justin Fishel

The United States evacuated it’s embassy in Tripoli, Libya overnight after the State Department concluded the security situation had grown too dangerous to stay, Fox News has learned.

A handful of Embassy staffers including the Ambassador will remain the region, but there are no plans to return to the embattled country, stricken by warring militias.

Roughly 70 embassy staffers were driven out of the city in a caravan by 80 U.S. Marines at around 6 a.m. Planners figured it would be safer to leave in the morning than at night.

The evacuation was not announced in advance in order to ensure their safe departure.

A senior military official told Fox News the Pentagon has been advising the State department leave the post for weeks.

The evacuation comes nearly two years after a diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya was overrun by terrorists, leaving four Americans dead, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.