DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs to talk to the DNC Press Secretary! What a jerk! Poverty is very painful — not a fundraising gimmick — It is time for the adults in both political parties to take over!

Wasserman Schultz

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The above headline of an article (linked below) refers to the DNC Press Secretary (not Chair Wasserman Schultz.) I don’t know DNC Press Secretary Michael Czin but my guess is that he has done zero to help fight poverty in this country and has never come up with an original idea to fight it.   He isn’t even trying. Doesn’t care?  

 Instead he is slinging nasty cracks at someone (this time Rep Paul Ryan) who is at least thinking about poverty, and  putting an idea, maybe not the answer, but an idea on the table.   Ryan is starting the conversation.  His plan is a pilot program, a proposal.

Czin’s response to Ryan (below) is selfish. It says a lot about Czin.  He is just trying to put fuel on the fire to raise money for the DNC.  That is selfish.  The nation has been trying to win the War on Poverty since LBJ (50 years) — and what is the spokesperson for the DNC doing?  

And worse?  His knee jerk statement is one of the reasons we will never win the war on poverty.  We need people working together, talking, and coming up with ideas.  Czin is the other end of the spectrum on this.  

He has an important job and look what he does with it.  Disgraceful, isn’t it?  I think DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz should sit him down and talk to him (and if he is not a first offender, I would think of finding him another job than speaking for the Democratic Party.)

Czin needs to know  poverty is not a game…it is very, very painful to many Americans.  It is also painful (obviously less so) to Americans who are not poor but who give a damn.

 I watched ABC This Week this morning and was excited to hear comments by President Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich when he was asked about Rep Ryan’s proposal.  Reich did not endorse the Rep Paul Ryan proposal  but noted that Ryan’s proposal had new ideas and worth exploring and talking about.  Reich seemed very interested in talking to Rep Ryan and discussing with him his ideas in the proposal. 

I am not endorsing Rep Ryan’s proposal (not that my endorsement means anything of course) but I am endorsing Reich’s gesture about taking a look at the Ryan proposal and talking about trying to win the war on poverty.  

Remember when Reagan said, with reference to the Cold War, ‘why don’t we just win it?’  It seemed impossible at the time — but we did, against all the odds, after decades, win the Cold War.  

Well – why don’t we just win the war on poverty?  We have a chance!  But that means we all (yes, all!) work together and TALK and come up with ideas..and not just send incendiary statements out as DNC spokesman did.  

It is time the adults in the political parties take over….let’s find the adults in the parties who want to work, and who want to solve problems.

In the meantime, this is what the DNC spokesman rolled out:

“Paul Ryan’s not fooling anyone. Ryan made a name for himself pushing through budget after budget that would do nothing less than gut the social safety net and cut chances for Americans to join the middle class,” Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Michael Czin said in a statement responding to Ryan.  CLICK HERE

 And PS — Yes, of course, there are statements made by others in the Dem Party and likewise in the Republican Party that I find equally offensive but it would be a 24/7 job to call them all out.  This one is getting called out because I think it so egregious.  Poverty is painful!  The sense of hopelessness that accompanies poverty is indescribable   We have a chance to win the war on poverty — we just need to have to decide to do it.  We need to throw out the old solutions since they have not worked (or we would have won the war on poverty.)