Senator John Walsh hurts vets with his “PTSD made me do it” excuse about his plagiarism – click, read and tell me what YOU think


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(Note that the pic above is from the Washington Post and from a column written by Alex Horton, who served 15 months as an infantryman in Iraq.  Below is a link to his column.)


Democratic Senator John Walsh (decorated war vet and former Army General) got caught — plagiarism — and not back in high school did he do it, but in an Army War college essay.   Plagiarism is about dishonesty.

“I don’t want to blame my mistake on PTSD….but I do want to say it may have been a factor.”  CLICK HERE

I hate that he is blaming PTSD even if only in part.    PTSD is real and it is horrible and for a General to blame PTSD for plagiarism (dishonesty) now hurts vets who have PTSD and are working very hard every minute of the day to deal with it.  I so wish instead General / Senator Walsh were an inspiration to those suffering from PTSD – sending a message to those PTSD vets and their families who are discouraged, yes, PTSD is hell, but you can still make a big difference.  Senator Walsh had a big chance, a giant platform.  Imagine the message of a US Senator working daily and overcoming a horrible disability like PTSD!   That message would inspire so many.  People with big jobs have extra responsibilities – even if it is tough, extra tough.  We need people at the top inspiring others.

I just got back from Alaska fishing with vets (OPERATION HEAL OUR PATRIOTS/Reverend Franklin Graham/Samaritan’s Purse) and many of my fellow fisherman suffer from PTSD.  They were the most incredible people (and their spouses, too)  you will ever meet.  I really don’t know how they do it — but I am in awe of them.

By the way, if Senator Walsh thinks his PTSD is a factor in his plagiarism, that it helped caused dishonesty, what about his votes in the US Senate?  Does he now send a lousy message ?  I hope not.

What do you think?