So much for THAT love story! Governor McDonnell’s wife hates him (per the Opening Statement in court)!

Governor McDonnell

As you may know, the trial of Former Virginia Governor McDonnell and his wife began today.   In reading about the trial,  I learned that their marriage was…well…a mess.  A few years back I met both of them when I did a story about the Virginia Mansion and I never detected an issue (but of course that means nothing…other than that I did not detect a problem.)  At one time Governor McDonnell was a name people were suggesting for President of the Republican Party…and now today?  He hopes to avoid prison.  Yikes!

“…John Brownlee, Robert F. McDonnell’s attorney, told jurors that McDonnell’s work as governor “took a toll” on his family, especially his wife. Though the governor tried to “shield the dysfunction of his marriage from his youngest children and the public,” behind the scenes, the relationship was in shambles, Brownlee said.

 At one point, Brownlee said, Maureen McDonnell told her husband she “hated him.” She complained of not having enough money, and of him being away too much. What emerged was a rift so wide that “an outsider, in this case another man, could invade and poison the marriage,” Brownlee said.

 Brownlee said the governor never embarrassed his wife in public, and at least once, he appealed to her to in an e-mail to “help save the marriage.” Brownlee said jurors will get to hear Robert McDonnell read the e-mail, and, “It will show you just how broken things were in their marriage.”  CLICK HERE to read entire story