Viewer Email from Green Bay Packer fan! (And yes, of course I love the Packers)

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Subject: Only in Green Bay


Dear Greta,


I am writing you to share an adorable picture that was taken last week at the Hudson Center, where the Green Bay Packers practice.


As you know it’s been a tradition that boys and girls alike since the Vince Lombardi era, line up their bicycles for Players to bicycle to and from Lambeau Field to the Don Hutson practice center and back.


This particular picture I have sent you is singled out because it’s so adorable in it nature, and more importantly it’s Americana at its best.


If a picture can say a thousand words this particular picture of DuJuan Harris carrying this unknown little girls bike (who can’t be more of than 5 years old) in his righr arm and holding her hand in his his, while she’s holding her stuffed monkey. as they walk from Lambeau Field to the Don Hutson practice field. I think you will agree.. This is adorable and can pull on your emotions.


As you know, and are very well aware, the relationship. the people of Wisconsin, and for that matter, bthe people of America have with the Green Bay Packers, I believe is unprecedented.


I hope, and I’m asking., no I am begging you that you to come down here before training camp closes, so you can do your show, and share with the world, the love affair Wisconsin has with our Green Bay Packers and the love they share with us.

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Best Regards


Vincenzo *******

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