Father of Benghazi victim meeting with Benghazi select committee; says there is common ground between Democrats and Republicans


From FNC’s Catherine Herridge:

Families members of Americans who died in the 2012 Benghazi attack tell Fox News that there’s a surprising amount of common ground between Republicans and Democrats on the highly charged Benghazi select committee, and that they’ve never been more optimistic that investigators will get to the truth.

Members of the Select Committee met for the first time this week with family members of the four Americans killed at the embassy two years, wrapping up the meeting today with the ranking member Elijah Cummings.

Charles Woods, whose son Ty Woods, was killed during the mortar attack on the CIA Annex during the third wave of the attack, told Fox in an exclusive interview that there was common ground among republicans and democrats on the committee, and he made a personal connection with Cummings who explained that he had also lost someone close to him,  and the two connected on that basis.

“He relayed that he had a family member that was as close as a son who at age 20 was killed and maybe  – I told him – maybe it’s because of this similar experience that we have had, of losing a loved one that, I said, I could tell at the very beginning that your heart is in the right place,”  Woods explained.

Woods also met with Democrat Tammy Duckworth – who explained how she was rescued after her helicopter was shot down in Iraq in 2004, and that she understood the importance of “leaving no one behind.”  Duckworth, a Blackhawk helicopter pilot for the Illinois National guard, lost both her legs and has partial use of her right arm after an RPG hit her helicopter.

“She was in the military.  she was rescued when a helicopter went down in the middle east and that’s the situation with Ty or anyone in the military, is that you place yourself in very dangerous situations there is that code that our military has always had, that you will be rescued – no matter what,”  Woods added.

It is nearly two years since his son was killed defending the CIA operation from the roof of the annex, and Woods told Fox that he has slowly found peace with the events of 2012.

“I am able to handle this situation because I know sometime in the next 30 years I am going to see my son face to face. So really what just happened- is just an interruption in our relationship. The only difference now is I just can’t call him on the phone and talk to him but I know where he’s at and I look forward to seeing him one of these days.”