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Urgent: User’s Manual to the House on VA bill & lawsuit against the president today


Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


Two major items on the House docket today. One is the VA reform bill. The other is the resolution authorizing a lawsuit against President Obama claiming an executive overreach with the health care law.


We don’t have specific floor guidance yet, but I would expect the House to debate the VA bill in early afternoon.


This measure is very popular. And as a result, the House is going to expedite its move to the floor, forgoing some of the usual procedural traps. The tradeoff is a shorter debate time of about 40 minutes and a two-thirds vote requirement for passage. The final vote on this bill is expected to well-exceed that threshold. 290 is two-thirds of 435. House membership is currently at 433. So with some absences, et al, it probably needs something in the 280ish range..depending on how many members cast ballots.


I would expect this vote by mid-afternoon or so. But again, subject to change.


In addition, we got a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score last night on the bill. The topline spending figure is still $17 billion. But it increases the federal deficit by $10 billion over four years.


That’s not optimum but a lot better than some were expecting. Remember, CBO had early scores in the $25 to as high as $50 billion range for this package.


On the lawsuit for the president…


This is a two-step procedure.


At some point this afternoon, the House will bring the “rule” which governs how it handles the lawsuit resolution to the floor. At this point, the House is debating the “issue” of the lawsuit, but not the resolution itself. However, debate on the rule often provides good debate for sound.


The House must then vote on the rule. Once the House adopts the rule, it can debate the actual resolution.


A vote is planned for late afternoon/early evening authorizing the suit. It will need a simple majority.


One note: Please do not refer to the resolution authorizing the lawsuit as a “bill.” It’s not. There’s a parliamentary difference. The Senate does not have to get involved. The president does not have to sign it. Just called it a resolution, a measure, a plan, etc.


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Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill