By the way, the person most responsible for no humanitarian relief? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (and President Obama should call him and tell him to get back to Washington!)


I give credit to the House for passing their immigration bill late last night.  I don’t know if it is good, bad or indifferent — but their bill is something and we need something.  Something will get a dialogue going …but   President Obama can’t consider the House bill because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has gone home so no vote in the Senate.  Reid, in essence, has a pocket veto and stops all discussion.  He stops any chance of solving problems.   How does he stay in that job?  Don’t the Democratic Senators care?  They should get rid of him — Reid doesn’t want to help the nation, he wants to play some petty selfish game.  It is all about winning with Reid, not about fixing.

I know the two political parties ‘hate’ each other right now but that should not stop efforts to fix problems.   They owe it to the nation.  They simply have to sit down and talk — including the President — to work on solutions.  If you don’t talk, you aren’t going to get anything done!  And don’t tell me that it is too hard! Every day of the year divorce lawyers resolve conflicts between warring husband’s and wives — it is not easy, but it gets done.  It just takes effort, it takes work!   You have to at least try to resolve matters and Senator Harry Reid is stopping those efforts from happening and President Obama won’t call him and tell him to do it. 

President Obama should be on the phone telling Reid to get back to DC and to get to the table.