How about just do your job! (divorce lawyers can do this…but politicians give up?)

exclamation point

Every day I hear the complaints from President Obama….Republicans …. and Democrats — that they can’t do their jobs because of their opponents.  In other words, they are saying their job is too hard for them.  Too hard?  That is pathetic!

Actually their jobs are not that hard (try being a first responder, a teacher or a police officer!)  Politician only have to sit down and talk.  Is that too hard for them?   If so…if they are unable to do their jobs, my message,  “go away!  Get another job and make way for someone who IS willing to do the job.”

Getting people to work out solutions is just not that hard — it just requires effort and perseverance.  Do you realize that every day of the year divorce lawyers sit down with warring spouses (who HATE each other) and manage to hammer out agreements?  Divorce lawyers can do it but politicans can’t??  So???? Let me repeat my message: “get to work!  Sit down and talk…figure it out!  And if you can’t, or you are unwilling…go away…make room for someone who does want to get solutions.”

 Remember, politicians asked for their jobs, claimed they could do them if elected, and now it is time for them to do them. 

PS – I am sick of hearing the complaints about the Tea Party from the Democrats and even some Republicans as though they are monsters of some sort.  Tea Party candidates were democratically elected.  In other words, this is what the people wanted who elected them.  Live with it.  Figure out a way to work things out.