Sean Hannity – doesn’t just read a computer monitor! He goes out in the field to see it for himself….he joined us last night at 7pm from Israel and did his show live from there (and will be doing his show from Israel for several nights)


Some of you may agree with Sean all of the time…some of the time…or none of the time…but you have to give him credit — he leaves the comfort of his studio and goes out in the field.  He works very hard.  

 By the way, he is a very generous colleague — as tired as he must have been (he just got off a long flight from NYC), and as busy as he must have been for his OWN show at 10pm, he helped out Fox and Friends, The Five and us at 7pm ON THE RECORD with his live reports.   The same thanks must be extended to our many correspondents who work around the clock for us.