CIA IS TRYING TO HIDE ITS IMPROPER ACTS FROM YOU (and while Attorney General Eric Holder won’t do anything about the CIA’s crime of domestic spying, thank you to Senators Feinstein, Udall and Levin for fighting for the American people to get the information)


The American people are awaiting the release of the Senate’s CIA report.  The CIA wants to hide much in it that it has no business hiding (classifying.)  The CIA wants to keep from you their improper acts or embarrassing information that has NOTHING to do with national security.  The American people are entitled to the truth. 

“The redactions that CIA has proposed to the Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA interrogations are totally unacceptable,” said Sen. Carl Levin (D., Mich.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. “Classification should be used to protect sources and methods or the disclosure of information which could compromise national security, not to avoid disclosure of improper acts or embarrassing information.”


Think about it:  DNI Clapper lied to the US Senate (in answer to Senator Wyden’s question) and CIA Director Brennan admits the CIA did domestic spying but Attorney General Eric Holder has done NOTHING and will do NOTHING.  If the Attorney General won’t do his job, at least the American people should have the facts.