Update about General Greene’s body and Sgt Bergdahl (from FNC’s Justin Fishel at the Pentagon)


From FNC’s Justin Fishel:


MG Harold Greene’s body is likely to be returned to Dover Air Base sometime late today or early tomorrow, but no firm time has been sent. For your planning purposes please be aware that the family has granted permission for media coverage of the arrival ceremony. I’m told it could happen as early as 3-5pm this afternoon, I will update asap.



Sgt Bowe Bergdahl is currently being interview by the lead investigating officer, Gen. Kenneth Dahl. We’re told the interview started at 0800 central at Fort Sam Houston. Bergdahl’s lawyer is at the interview. Apparently his lawyer released new photos of Bergdahl today. I’m working on getting those if we don’t already have them.




Justin Fishel

Fox News Channel

Pentagon /State Dept. Producer