CHRISTIANS IN IRAQ ARE FLEEING FOR THEIR LIVES — ISIS IS TRYING TO KILL THEM – email just sent to Reverend Franklin Graham from Iraq


Below is an email Reverend Franklin Graham received from Sami — an old friend of his (a Christian who lives in Iraq.) I met Sami when I traveled with Rev Graham in December to Iraq.  We went to Irbil, Kirkuk, refugee camps and then met with the President of Kurdistan, President Barzani.  Sami was with us the whole time.  

When we were in Kurdistan (Irbil), it was amazing!  This was a SUCCESS story!  And then one month later, ISIS was on the move…and by January had taken over Fallujah and of course now you know what is going on around Irbil.  This is very very very sad.  

Christians are fleeing for their lives!   ISIS threatening to kill them.  Sami is tough…he is not afraid and he is helping Christians.  He is getting tents for people to live in.

Below is an email from Sami to Reverend Graham and included pics of tents they are buying to help the Christians. 

Subject: Email for Mr. Graham


Dear Franklin,


We just visited the site where the tents are going to be placed. I have attached a picture of the tents we are purchasing. I thought you would be interested in seeing the quality. We ordered 200 tents with the dimensions of 4mX3m and plan to order another 200 tents that measure 6mX5m. The larger tents will accommodate larger families. We will keep you informed daily on our progress as well as the situation here in Iraq. Tomorrow morning we will begin setting up the tents. There are other organizations that will be working to supply electricity and water.



Love in Christ,