Mrs. McDonnell hates her husband former Governor Robert McDonnell – yet, that may save them both from prison!


(note: the pic above is dated)

The testimony in their trial is wild!  Have you been following it?   Mrs. McDonnell hates the former Governor and hated him throughout the years in the Virginia mansion!  Wild, huh?  She even had a crush on the guy who who was giving her gifts and other stuff!  

So why was the week – when we heard about this marriage –  maybe a great one for Governor and Mrs. McDonnell?  

First, Mrs. McDonnell is NOT elected.  So…you can’t bribe her, right?   It only becomes a unlawful bribe if somehow the one wanting to bribe (and he got a deal from the prosecutor so his credibility may be shot) or someone helping that person (Mrs. McDonnell?) to bribe gets to the Governor and the Governor does something about it (quid pro quo.)  But…with the testimony as is….it sounds like Mrs. McDonnell so hated the Governor, she never talked to him! If she never talked to him, does that mean he had no idea what was going on? 

That appears to be the defense strategy – a horrible marriage, a hateful wife but not an elected official….and a duped husband.   Of course I am over simplifying this to make a point about strategy since many confuse the painful testimony about a rotten marriage as damning evidence.  I don’t see it that way – I see it as defense strategy.   There may be other evidence, direct or circumstantial, that conveys guilt.  

If the jury were asked, do you LIKE the couple?   They will both be convicted.  But, liking the former first couple of Virginia is not the question the jury will be asked.  


UPDATE 12:45 –  This pic is not helpful to the Governor / the defense: