I just realized why I can’t stop thinking of those people dying of thirst on that mountain in Iraq — click

Sudan, Bashir, cave

Why can’t I get distracted and think about something else?  Because I have seen this cruelty …in person… when I was in Sudan with Reverend Franklin Graham. I met many, many, many Christians (little children) fleeing THE VERY EVIL President Bashir. He was trying to kill them, they were trying to survive his viciousness. The temperature was between 100 and 110…they had no water… most didn’t even have shoes as they walked on that hot, hot sand.  They were dying of hunger and dying of thirst.  Overhead were EVIL Bashir’s bombers….looking for group of people to drop a bomb on and blow into tiny pieces. We had to put mud on our car to try and camouflage it from the bombers overhead. So now….I can’t help but think of what is going on in Iraq on that mountain. I have seen this suffering …it is the worst….