CIA DIRECTOR BRENNAN SHOULD BE FIRED (and let’s stop with the sugar coated “constitutional violation” – let’s call it like it is, a crime)

Brennan Obama

It almost seems that if you are high up in government,you are not held accountable for anything and you can do almost anything if you just apologize. I have no idea who the criminals are who were doing the spying and falsifying — they should be prosecuted — but CIA Director Brennan is the top guy and should so the right thing and resign. Domestic spying is as wrong as it gets and he is running the joint. And if Brennan won’t resign, President Obama should fire him.

See below (and I had not even realized that the CIA used false information to try to have Senate staffers prosecuted!!)

“…First, CIA officials broke into computers that were being used by the committee — a clear constitutional violation — and then, using false information, tried to have committee staffers prosecuted. CIA Director John Brennan apologized for spying on the senators’ activities…” Dana Milbank / Washington Post