Note from Sami in Erbil (Irbil) Iraq to Reverend Franklin Graham — what they are doing to help Christians fleeing from ISIS (and to think that these are the lucky ones, ISIS has not caught them to slaughter them!)

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August 9

Dear Franklin,


Our work here is going well. Yesterday, after leveling the land we were able to setup 20 tents. Today, as it will be a full day’s work for the 18 workers that are helping we might be able to setup 50 tents. Tomorrow, our aim is to have 120 families living comfortably in the Samaritan’s Purse camp. Last night I discovered that there is another minority group called the Kakis and they claim to be the followers of David. No one is giving any attention to them. Our church in Erbil is taking breakfast to them today and the ladies are cooking them lunch. Matthew and I are going to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the bank this morning and after that we will see how we can support this minority group. I am going to request another piece of land from the Governor and then we will make a special camp for them. We will keep you informed how things are developing.


Thank you for caring.


May the Lord bless you,





Here is the email from the day before:

Dear Franklin,


Today, we were able to clear land with bulldozers and prepare it for the tents we have purchased. We utilized a team of Christian refugees from the Mosul church to assist with this work. By days end we setup 20 tents.


We currently have 200 tents that we have purchased and are storing in the church storeroom.


Attached you will find a picture of the tents on the land we have prepared.


I have a meeting tonight at 6:30 preaching the word of God. I would appreciate your prayers.


Faithfully yours,


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