NBC is brutal! This is bad corporate handling!


Have you been watching the Meet the Press drama?  No wonder its numbers have hit the skids!  Shows always do poorly when distracted by internal corporate drama and NBC has a big drama going on right now!   Look back at CNN when AOL came in and started a drama — CNN has never been #1 since then because everyone was consumed internally with what was going on.    Stability matters!  This Meet the Press drama could have been and should have been headed off at the pass!

NBC is throwing David Gregory ‘under the bus’ and it is drip, drip, drip, drip!   It is so slow, so painful and wicked.  They are letting one of their longest running employees get smacked around in the media.  This is not about whether you like Gregory or not — it is how management deals with an employee.

I don’t know if NBC should keep him, get rid of him or if he should leave and / or  if Chuck Todd should replace him on MTP etc. — that’s not the issue — the issue is how vicious the drip, drip, drip is.   That’s cruel. 

NBC should be handling this a million times better.  If NBC wants Gregory out, do it with respect,fast and fair.  If NBC wants to keep him, do something about these horrible stories.  Step up to the plate!