Note from FNC’s Justin Fishel: US considers sending more US military planners to Iraq


from Justin Fishel:

The Pentagon is strongly considering sending additional military planners to Iraq to develop a strategy for relocating the 10s of thousands of Yazidis trapped in the Sinjar mountain range, senior U.S. officials tell Fox News.


Due to operational security concerns these officials would not say how many additional planners may go, or exactly when, but they could arrive very soon.


The creation of any humanitarian corridor out of Sinjar to the Kurdish controlled region would take a major land force and would require the kind of ground combat mission that the President has promised to avoid. That leaves only an airlift mission.


One official told Fox News that even the most “Herculean effort” to lift the refugees out would take hundreds of flights and 10 days or more of constant missions. An airlift of this sort would also come with considerable risk. To date the U.S. has not encountered any anti-aircraft fire, but that could change given the heavy weaponry ISIS has at its disposal. And just today we saw an Iraqi helicopter crash on Sinjar shortly after picking up refugees.




Justin Fishel

Fox News Channel

Pentagon /State Dept. Producer