A regret …

I don’t often have regrets but I have one now, and a big one.  I am studying about the current genocide going on in Iraq and my studies deviated to other parts of the world, many of which I have visited and seen the unthinkable.

One place I have not been to but which was the subject of genocide is Rwanda.  Of course I have been well aware that genocide took place in Rwanda but today I was wondering why the media paid so little attention to it.  Why do I know so little about it?

I started digging deeper into the genocide (estimates 500,000 to 1,000,000 slaughtered!) of Rwanda and what hit me like a ton of bricks was the date.  It started in April or May of 1994 and went on for many months.

So….why did I miss it?  My head was buried in OJ Simpson.  I was too consumed with a Hollywood murder!  Of course  this is not to take away from the murder victims and the importance of their lives and murders….but you get the point.  I can still recite dates and times about the OJ Simpson case but, until I started my new study about the genocide in Rwanda, all I could do was tell you ‘yes, there was genocide in Rwanda.’  That’s all.  That’s pitiful.

I certainly was not alone.  Almost the entire US media was 24/7 OJ Simpson (from June 12, 1994 until October 1995.)   So…that’s why you probably don’t know much about it since all we talked about in the media and showed you was a trial in California.

Sometimes I think we in the media have our heads on wrong.

I  am not saying the Simpson coverage was wrong but I am saying I  could have done a lot better.