Al Jazeera and VP Gore, while BOTH in the NEWS business, don’t apply transparency to themselves!

Former US Vice President, Al Gore, speaks at the launch of FEX-SIM

Read this excerpt from Politico:

“….We do not believe that our complaint should be sealed,” [Attorney for VP Gore David] Boies said. “However, despite being a news organization, Al Jazeera America has said that the full complaint should be kept from the public file. We have therefore filed the complaint under seal until the Court can resolve this issue. We expect that the Court will reject Al Jazeera America’s argument.” [From Politico, click here to read entire story]


Note from me: David Boies, attorney for VP Gore, did NOT have to file this under seal…and, while I like David, and he is a great lawyer, I am not falling for this “we do not believe …should be sealed…”  It is a phony statement to make it look like Gore did not want it under seal, too.  Both parties want it under seal.  They don’t want transparency applied to them.